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Digital Glue’s website design team help our clients create websites which create business. Our ultimate aim is to present your business in the best possible way and drive your customers to take action. An effective website is a vital business tool. It needs to create a positive and memorable first impression, and vitally, drive customers to contact you.

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DRC website design by Digital Glue

Functional and attractive

Our team of web designers ensure your website is both functional and attractive.

The primary concern with your website design should always be how it works in the hands of your audience. The internet is your high street; make sure that when people come through the door, they know exactly where to find what they’re looking for. An event timetable, a shopping cart, a contact form; what matters most is delivering for your audience.

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Robust & reliable build

We will work with you to gauge the technical, functional and aspirational needs of your website.

From there, the site can be built from the ground up, tailored to meet the needs of the people who’ll be using it, from the front-end user experience to the back-end staff management. Your websites needs to be mobile responsive, changing to suit the screen size (mobile friendly), and feel modern and fresh.

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Project Management

A clear process which ensures your website project goes smoothly.

Our 14 step website design process is tried and tested to deliver outstanding websites, while ensuring nothing gets missed. The first step is to understand your audiences and objectives, and then go onto build a user journey and user experience to match these key elements. Working through design, prototyping, and copywriting, ensuring that you have regular input and updates to keep track of progress. Finally, your website is rigorously tested and ensures that on go live, your site works from day 1.

Quantum Compliance website design by Digital Glue

World Class Account Management

Regular updates for your whole team.

Our client’s benefit from an account management process which means they always know what’s happening. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on with a project. We use our Monday morning (what we’re doing), and Friday afternoon (what we’ve achieved) emails to keep all stakeholders up to date throughout.

We also use a shared online project management tool so you can always see where we are in the process.

world class project management

Built on WordPress – giving you control

A simple to use content management system.

Our favoured Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress. We use this tool because it’s great to develop on and allows us the creativity and flexibility to implement a brilliant website for you.

Crucially though, you don’t want to be tied into having a website design company making tiny changes for you and charging you for the privilege! Using WordPress, and offering you training, gives you the capability to take control of your website.

As a widely used platform it also means that if you did move away from working with Digital Glue, you can take your site to any WordPress specialist.

Responsive Design

A site to fit all devices

Your website needs to work as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop. Your website will be built to be mobile responsive, meaning it will adapt to different screen sizes. Your website visitors will be able to get the information they need whatever device they are visiting on.

Responsive web design by Digital Glue

One great website – three ways to pay

We understand that a new website can be a significant investment, whether you’re just starting out or refreshing your site. It’s an investment but it can impact cashflow.

To help our clients, we have three ways to pay, for larger sites. Your website will go live straight away, but you have the option to spread payment over a number of months.

These pricing structures apply to websites £6,000 and over

With all of our payment plans, your new website will go live as soon as the project is complete.
A standard web project takes 16 weeks.

Digital Glue will ensure your website hits the brief
and is designed and built on time and on budget.

Ongoing support

We’re here to help after your site goes live.

We don’t just design and build websites. We also offer a choice of three levels of website maintenance packages to suit the needs of a range of clients: Basic, Business & Pro. These packages are designed to ensure your peace of mind and provide cost effective update options. Bespoke support packages can be designed on request.

Website support packages
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