Branding that Resonates

Great Brands Connect Your Business with Your Ideal Customers

Your brand needs to show the world who you are and resonate with your audience.

We help clients create brands which bring the people they want to attract, to them.

Through brand design, brand messages and brand implementation our clients have brands which mean something to their ideal customers.

They are built around the vision, value and ethos of their business and provide a basis for everything else.

Discover Your Ideal Customer

To communicate effectively with anyone, you have to understand them.

You need to know who your ideal customer is in order to market to them in ways which are meaningful to them.

We help clients define who their ideal customers are. Our clients benefit from Ideal Customer Personas which shape their brand from its design to its messaging and marketing.

This clarity creates brands which drive customer action.

Brand Design that Connects with Customers

Your brand needs to impact your customers and prospective customers.

You need to have visual representations of your brand which work across your logo, your website and your marketing collateral.

We help clients design their brand with impactful logo design, marketing collateral, tone of voice and company names.

Our clients benefit from a brand which is designed around their ideal customers.

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Brand Implementation

Once your core brand has been created you need to ensure it gets implemented consistently and brilliantly.

You need brand guidelines to ensure that the brand you’ve created will continue to appeal to your ideal customers.

We help clients by creating the brand guidelines and style guides to help them manage their brands.

We also help brands by being their brand guardian, acting as a trusted advisor to ensure the brand is delivered time and time again.

Graphic Design

Your brand will appear in many formats, and you want the design to continue to appeal to your ideal customer.

Great graphic design which delivers for a brand has impact.

We help clients deliver graphic design which represents the brand as it was intended.

Our clients benefit from graphic design built around their brand, focussed on their ideal customer and which drives action from those customers.

Get graphic design which creates action

Company Naming

Rebranding your business and choosing a new name is a big step.

Your new name needs to be a clear portrayal of the image you want to present and engage with your ideal clients.

Starting by defining ideal clients, Digital Glue help companies find a new name for their business.

Our clients create names which reflect their values, and which appeal to their target audience.

Digital Glue help clients to identify a choice of new company names which will form the basis of a great brand.

Web Design Which Delivers on Brand Promise

Your website design is your shop window, your first impression.

It needs to look good and needs to deliver what your brand has delivered elsewhere.

It needs to encourage people to stay on your site, to take action on your site and show your customers the essence of your brand.

We design websites for our clients which look are a reflection of their brand. By doing so we help our clients connect with their ideal customers and drive action from them.

Get results from your website design