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Digital Glue’s 2018 goals

11th January 2018
If we thought 2016 was a busy year, nothing could have prepared us for 2017. Seriously. Amongst many other things, last year saw us… Add 2 new people to the DG team (and we’re already preparing to add a 3rd!) Start work with a whole host of new clients Celebrate the achievements of our

A look back at some of 2017’s biggest campaigns

21st December 2017
As if last year’s US presidential race, Brexit, and all those celebrity deaths weren’t enough, 2017 had a good go at trumping its predecessor –  quite literally. Trump provided the entertainment and the outrage, we got another huge dose of politics in the form of a general election, and

The Best and Worst Christmas Campaigns of 2017

14th December 2017
We’ve taken a look at some of this year’s biggest Christmas campaigns to see what crackers – and what turkeys –  2017 has in store for us. John Lewis  – Moz the Monster   First up is John Lewis’ eagerly anticipated Moz the Monster campaign. This year’s TV ad ticks all

5 things we learnt about social media success at Social Media: SL/CED

8th November 2017
You might have seen (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) that we recently hosted Social Media: SL/CED, the latest in our SL/CED series of seminars, designed to give marketing advice in small, easy to digest chunks. This time, we teamed up with the founder and editor of the fabulous

How to use social video in your marketing strategy

20th October 2017
Social media trends are constantly changing and it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to keep up. Video-based advertising is now becoming one of the front-runners of content-strategy, reaching the millennial demographic most effectively due to its less-obvious sales-driven approach. As we

Ryanair don’t care

13th October 2017
I recently received a dreaded email. ‘Important Information Regarding Your Ryanair Flight’. Yep, I’d become a victim of the latest Ryanair scandal, my upcoming flights to Lisbon cancelled. As frustrating as this was – and still is, as I battle to get the new, far-more-expensive flights I

Is more more?: Will Twitter’s 280 character limit be a success?

29th September 2017
You might have heard the news this week that Twitter is going to change its character limit from 140 to 280. One of the reasons for this, says the social media giant, is to create language equity. According to Twitter, about 9 percent of tweets are exactly 140 characters, meaning that users

Your Last(ing) Impression counts

22nd September 2017
They say that your first impression is important. How you dress, your handshake, the impact you make when you first meet someone all has a critical impact on whether people will do business with you. And I buy it. The impact we make on potential customers, colleagues, and contacts when we first

A Guide to Understanding Facebook Advertising

15th September 2017
Why Facebook Advertising? For the uninitiated (heck, even for the initiated), Facebook advertising can be a bit confusing. At first glance, it can seem almost like a myriad of not-too-dissimilar options without much in the way of an explanation of what you’re going to get in return. Having said

5 Marketing Lessons from The Great British Bake Off

8th September 2017
Is there anything more British than sitting down after tea to watch a group of people get together for a spot of competitive baking in a tent while it pours with rain outside? That’s right, it’s that time of year again – Bake Off is back. Some 5.8 million people tuned in to watch Channel

The pitfalls of ‘honesty’

30th August 2017
We recently had Mo-Jai in the office on work experience. A talented writer, Mo-Jai is going on to study languages at University and wanted a taste of copywriting to help him find the career for him during his studies. During his week at Digital Glue, Mo-Jai wrote this blog on why he thinks brands

Mix it up: Integrating print and digital

4th August 2017
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – print is not dead. Sure, it’s changed in many ways in order to accommodate the rise of digital marketing, but print not only has a special place in our hearts, but also a special place in your business’s marketing strategy. There’s something
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