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Our top 6 Marketing and PR campaigns of 2017 so far

23rd June 2017
We’re halfway through 2017 already, and there’s been a whole host of really interesting Marketing and PR campaigns – both good and bad – that have intrigued and inspired us when we’ve been working with our own clients. So we thought we’d count down our top six PR campaigns of 2017 so

The real winner of #GE2017 was social media

16th June 2017
This time last week, Britain were yet again attempting to come to terms with a surprising voting outcome, and it’s safe to say we’re still all a bit baffled. One thing I think we can at least make some sense of is how we arrived at this outcome – is it actually that surprising? On

How to create a website which engages and converts

9th June 2017
Despite the typical British Summertime weather and small matter of voting, on June 8th, a variety of interesting people from businesses around the Midlands made the trip to The Bond to join us for our second Digital Glue seminar. The seminar focused on creating websites which engage and convert, an

SEO No-No’s: 5 things you didn’t know affected your Google ranking

26th May 2017
As we all should know by now, there are three main SEO factors that will positively affect your Google ranking. These are: Unique, good quality content Relevant and well used keywords High quality inbound and outbound links But what about those things that negatively impact your Google ranking?

How to use images on Twitter to drive engagement

19th May 2017
Did you know that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images? Using images on Twitter is a great way of increasing the interaction between you and your audience, building your brand identity, and creating a profile that people will want to visit and remember. Here’s

What is graphic design and why you should pay top dollar for it

11th May 2017
Most people have a vague notion of what graphic design is and what a graphic designer can do for their business. When asked “what is graphic design for?”, the answers you’ll get will probably be something along the lines of creating logos for businesses, creating a poster for an event, or

The three basic types of logo: Which is right for my business?

5th May 2017
There’s been a lot of logo talk in the DG office recently – Holly gave us all a session on branding and logo design and it inspired some interesting discussions, such as: What did the first Cadbury logo look like? This is the answer in case you were interested. Why are all the logos for major

Business blogging problems: “Why is no-one reading my post?”

28th April 2017
You’ve just spent a few hours slaving away on a blog, you’ve hit publish and sent out a tweet – now you open Google Analytics, sit back, and wait for the traffic to roll in. After a couple of hours, there’s nothing. Nada. Something’s definitely wrong. Maybe you tweeted the wrong link?

3 things we learnt at the Digital Enterprise Festival

21st April 2017
Last year, Greta attended Digital World Series here in Birmingham, writing a blog about her key takeaways from a day full of talks from big name brands. Having joined the team just after the event last year, I’ve seen how the knowledge Greta gained and shared with the team influences our approach

Why PR Professionals Need An Influencer PR Strategy

13th April 2017
Gone are the days where PR professionals rely on ABC’s circulation figures to measure success. PR – whilst still in many people’s minds an old-fashioned stream of marketing – has undergone a revolution in recent years, successfully integrating traditional methods with the digital

How to run a social media competition

7th April 2017
Many businesses choose to run a social media competition as it is a great way to boost engagement, spread the word, and help build up a bit of buzz around your business. It’s also a really good method of growing your email database, or social media likes and follows. There are also, however, lots

How to create a personalised email marketing campaign

31st March 2017
What is personalised email marketing? In simple terms, personalised email marketing is when you send an email to your audience that is targeted towards a specific subscriber within your database. You do this by leveraging the data you have about that specific person. For example, have you ever
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