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At Digital Glue, we design and build websites for clients. So many of the websites we have seen make the same mistakes, which can be detrimental to their reputation as a business. So we’ve written an eBook on the mistakes most websites make, and the solutions we recommend to fix them.

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8 Digital Marketing trends for 2019

16th January 2019
2019 is set to be an interesting year for the digital marketing industry, with new technologies and trends emerging all the time. Here are a few key things we’ve picked out as our ones to watch in the year ahead: 1.Invest in paid advertising on social media Social media offers tremendous opportunities for digital marketing – if done properly. It’s very important for digital marketers to really focus on who their target audience is, and to choose the right social media platform to target that audience. Let’s dig into the big 4: Facebook Facebook is still King of social media, however 41% of Facebook users are over the age of 65, which makes it the ideal social media platform for businesses marketing to a senior demographic. Facebook is also great for B2C targeting due to its massive audience. Instagram Instagram users consists of a younger audience, with most of its users being under 30. Instagram offers digital marketers the ability to present ads directly to the most used device in the world – the mobile phone. Instagram loves promoting branded content and products so it’s the perfect platform for businesses with an e-commerce channel to sell more products online. Twitter Twitter is a way of humanising businesses, it allows businesses to open an instant dialogue with their customers, making it an effective customer service channel with limitless engaging capabilities. Twitter also has a low cost-per-click and offers a cost effective way to improve your brand awareness. LinkedIn LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and the boss of B2B marketing. It offers opportunities to engage directly with your target audience, and allows you to segment your target audience by industry and job title. Use LinkedIn advertising correctly, and your business will start generating leads from the B2B social media platform. 2. Introducing Google AI What’s the first thing you do when you don’t know the answer to a question, or want to settle a debate with someone… “Google it”. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the most popular form of digital marketing advertising. Your ads are being presented on the biggest search engine in the world, its search network partners and its audience. 2019 will be an interesting year for Google Ads, automation is here and Google is offering responsive search ads using Google artificial intelligence (AI), which is set to revolutionise pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. If you use Google Ads to its full potential, it will result in higher profits for your business which you can easily track and measure. 3. I am not a robot… I am a Chatbot A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligent system that is programmed to engage with users on a business’ website or a mobile app. You can implement a chatbot onto your website and program it to answer frequently asked questions about your products or services, just as a human would do. You can also troubleshoot the most common user questions on your mobile app. 2019 is

Digital Glue’s 2019 Goals – Part Two

10th January 2019
At the end of every year we look at what we want to achieve, both personally and professionally in the year ahead – and see how we did with our goals we set in the previous year. As the team has now doubled in size, we decided to do a bumper edition and split the posts in two. You can read part one of the blog here. Next up, the newest additions to Digital Glue, our six new starters who joined in 2018. Dave Dave joined us in early 2018 as our PR pro, following a career in journalism and PR. 2018 was a good year for Dave, achieving around 100 pieces of regional and national coverage for our client, Midven. He now likes to think of himself as the best friend of every regional journalist in the area and a known name in the inbox of a variety of Midlands titles. On a personal level, he ran his first 10K and continued to see a host of rappers, and live a hip-hop lifestyle… in Quinton. 8.5 Dave’s 2019 goals are: Personal: Successfully get married, casually enjoy just the two honeymoons, continue more music and blog writing on the side, and invite Jay-Z for dinner. Work: Continue to develop both my management and communication skills and become Digital Glue’s first PR Account Manager from the Black Country. Carmen Carmen joined the team in June 2018, helping Claire with our finance and accounts, and has been keeping us all in check since. Along with chasing outstanding invoices and teaching us Spanish, she got to fulfil her promise to her son and fly on the Airbus A380, or in his words, “on that plane, upstairs”. 7.0 Carmen’s 2019 goals are: Personal: To get my husband to work fewer hours and spend more time with our family. Work: I started a qualification for the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) before I got married… and then came children, so I never got to finish it. This year I want to complete it. Anne Anne joined our web and design team in June, surprising us every week with a different colourful hairstyle. In 2018, Anne moved over to the Black Country settling in Wolverhampton to be closer to her boyfriend, James. Along with her move, she found a job she really enjoys, and has been able to spend more time with her family back in the Netherlands. 7.0 Anne’s 2019 goals are: Personal: Buy a house, move in with my partner, and adopt our first doggy. Work: Become a php wizard with a dash of animation magic. To create animation videos, and add online animation on websites. Aneela Having worked client-side for the whole of her marketing career, Aneela decided to make the move to a marketing agency and be surrounded by like-minded, creative marketers. Fast forward to summer 2018 – Aneela joined our team as Marketing Manager, and hasn’t looked back since. On a personal level, in 2018, Aneela also squeezed in a wonderful, cultural, food-filled time in

Digital Glue’s 2019 goals

21st December 2018
We thought 2017 was a busy year, but it was pretty tame compared to 2018. One of the biggest successes for Digital Glue is that we have doubled in size in the past year alone. Here are some of the highlights of 2018: Added 6 new members of staff Started working with a whole host of new clients Launched JQ Life magazine Implemented weekly ‘living the values’ award to celebrate each other’s achievements Extended what we offer to existing clients And still partying hard, of course So, without further ado, let’s continue our annual tradition and look at what we want to achieve, both personally and professionally, in 2019 – and see how we did with our goals from this year. As the team is now double the size, you get a bumper edition of this blog… keep your eyes peeled for part 2 in the new year! Javan In 2018, Javan wanted to visit over 30 different National Trust sites with his family. Whilst Javan didn’t hit his target of 30 (we did think that was a bit ambitious, but this is Javan so you know…), they did manage to get in a fair few sites and absolutely loved seeing so many new places. Javan’s second goal was to add two members of full-time staff to Digital Glue to support our growing customer base… well it’s fair to say Javan exceeded that goal by adding five full time members of staff and one part-time member. It’s got to be 9.5 for that, well done Javan. Javan’s 2019 goals are: Personal: In 2019 I’m running the London Marathon and would love to run that in 3hrs 30 or better. My larger target for the year is to learn a new skill along with my children. Work: To finish 2019 with an expanded team to deliver results for our clients, while retaining the culture that makes Digital Glue a great place to work. Ben As you might remember it was a challenge in itself getting a goal from Ben in the first place. He’s turned a corner – he not only gave me an update on his 2018 goals, but gave me his 2019 goals all in the same day… and I only had to ask twice! In 2018, Ben’s personal goal was to find his future family home. To quote Ben “I have indeed found a family home for my ‘patchwork family’. It wasn’t where I thought I might find it, and although only temporary, it has brought those special to me closer together and all under a single roof. This past year has taught me that it’s less important where you lay your hat, but whose hat you lay it alongside.” Very profound Ben. When Ben finally did set a work goal, it was along the lines of, developing the skills and expertise of the creative team, whilst delivering excellent design solutions for our clients. Here’s what he had to say: “I left my goal vague enough to ensure I smashed it! We

5 things we learnt about websites at SL/CED

14th December 2018
Despite the cold, dark, and miserable weather, a number of people from local businesses joined us at The Bond for our final marketing SL/CED seminar of 2018. Our SL/ECD events are a series of seminars designed to give marketing advice in small, easy-to-digest chunks. We’ve previously ran events on marketing messages, social media, and video marketing, but this time we wanted to focus on websites. At Digital Glue, we design and build websites for clients and we have come across so many that make the same mistakes, so this session was focused on identifying those mistakes and providing the solutions to fix them. If you couldn’t make it, here’s just a few of the common ones we discussed during SL/CED. Mistake number 1: Talking about yourself Our seminar kicked off with Javan, Managing Director at Digital Glue, talking about the first and most common mistake made on websites – businesses talking about themselves too much. Of course we need to tell people about ourselves – it’s our website and people visit websites to learn more about the company. However, when we talk about ourselves too much it can come across as self-indulgent and very often ends up not being customer-focused. So, how do we strike the balance between being informative about what we do and who we are, whilst still focusing on the customer? Here’s Javan’s top tips: Tip 1: Put customer results first Think ‘afters’. If I ask an accountant – “what do you do?”; they might say “I’m an accountant”, or perhaps something more task-based such as, “I prepare people’s tax returns”. But guess what… people don’t care what you do, they care about what you cause to happen. A better way to phrase it would be “I help people pay less tax” and suddenly that’s far more interesting. In addition to this, match what you cause with your customer’s priorities. Doing this is vital so that you understand your customer and use those insights on your website. Tip 2: Define your ideal client This is something we talk about a lot, a big part of generating quality leads comes from understanding who you are targeting – your ideal client. Once you know that, you can start tailoring all of your marketing messages specifically to them, instead of trying to be all things to all people. Tip 3: Understand the ‘Trust Equation’ Sometimes when you’re trying to build a relationship with a prospective client, it can be difficult to figure out how to convert that prospect into business. The trust equation demonstrates the elements needed to successfully build that relationship and convert it into business. We’ve written a blog explaining the trust equation in more detail if you want to read more about it. Mistake number 2: Lack of personality Next up, Ben King, Creative Director and Greta Geoghegan, who heads up our marketing and communications team, to discuss how many websites show a lack of personality. A lot of websites look and feel similar, so how can